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    Hello Puja,

    Vacation is not just about travelling but also trying out the local cuisine. this means consumption of calories and fats. Also during travelling, eating untimely and eating heavily, continuous munching on street foods and sleeping less are common mistakes we all make. These factors together disturb our digestive tract leading to bloating and flatulence.

    But don’t worry, this will go off once your body gets back to its normal routine. The following tips might help you:

    1. Try to have more warm fluids such as warm water, herbal or green tea, buttermilk, etc. Warm liquids aid in digestion.
    2. For few days avoid leafy vegetables (except mint and coriander), cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, thick dals (thin dal soup can be taken).
    3.Don’t starve yourself. Take all your meals. It would be advisable if you split your meals to 5-6 small meals.
    4. Take good rest and 7-8 hours of sound sleep.
    5. Avoid oily or deep-fried foods, refined flour products and alcohol. Try to avoid fermented food or drinks.
    6. Try to include cumin, carom, fennel and fenugreek in your diet. You can also have them in powdered form with warm water on empty stomach.

    I would recommend you to book the below detox diet package where a designated dietician would guide you.

    Detox Diet Plan(1 Week)

    Rupa Gupta
    Consultant nutritionist

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    Hello Piyush,

    Greetings from DietVita !

    Yes, you have heard right. Taking small meals rather than three large meals does help in weight loss. When there is a big gap between meals our metabolism slows down. Stomach secretes a hormone called Ghrelin and its levels surge on empty stomach. This increase levels of Ghrelin makes you crave for food and overeat.

    Dividing your balanced meal into 5-6 smaller meals at a gap of 3-4 hours, will keep your stomach full for a longer time and your metabolism remains active. High metabolism helps your body burn more calories. Along with smaller meals, exercise too helps in keeping your metabolism active. To reduce your weight effectively balanced diet and active lifestyle is mandatory.


    Rupa Gupta
    Consultant Nutritionist, DietVita

    in reply to: Does Coffee help in weight loss? #5160

    Hello Biraj,

    Thanks for posting your query!

    Coffee is a diuretic. It does help in weight loss but considering only coffee will not help.

    The following factors are very important.
    1. a balanced diet
    2. exercise
    3. adequate sleep
    4. adequate amounts of water
    5. having small meals every 3 hourly

    Additionally, carry home food, one fruit and few dry fruits.
    If home food is not an option, order for whole wheat bread sandwich with a simple stuffing without dressing. Sleep well after getting home. Indulge one hour of your day in some physical activity.

    I hope practicing above mentioned activities will help you reach your target soon.

    Have a great day.

    Rupa Gupta
    Consultant Nutritionist, DietVita.

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