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Weight Management Program

Diet Vita / Weight Management Program
To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.
BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) Health Status
< 18 Under weight
18-24.9 Normal
25-29.9 Grade 1 obesity
30-34.9 Grade 2 obesity
>= 35 Grade 3 obesity
So even if your weight is little more or less than your ideal body weight you might still fall in the healthy range of BMI. This alone cannot be the determinant of you being healthy actually. Waist – Hip circumference ratio in addition to BMI is equally important.
Men Women
Waist/Hip Ratio > 0.9 (Obese) < 0.8 (Normal)
Waist/Hip Ratio < 0.8 (Normal) > 0.8 (Obese)