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Does Coffee help in weight loss?

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    I work for a MNC. My office hours are from 6 P.M. till 3 A.M. So I take dinner at office. Since I am overweight I take coffee and a sandwich for my dinner. Still I am putting on weight. I have heard that coffee helps in weight loss. But I am not finding any. Please advice.

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    Hello Biraj,

    Thanks for posting your query!

    Coffee is a diuretic. It does help in weight loss but considering only coffee will not help.

    The following factors are very important.
    1. a balanced diet
    2. exercise
    3. adequate sleep
    4. adequate amounts of water
    5. having small meals every 3 hourly

    Additionally, carry home food, one fruit and few dry fruits.
    If home food is not an option, order for whole wheat bread sandwich with a simple stuffing without dressing. Sleep well after getting home. Indulge one hour of your day in some physical activity.

    I hope practicing above mentioned activities will help you reach your target soon.

    Have a great day.

    Rupa Gupta
    Consultant Nutritionist, DietVita.

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