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      Hello Rupa,

      Recently I have gone for a vacation and ate in hotels throughout. Now I am experiencing continuous pain in my stomach due to gas. I am always bloated and don’t feel like eating.

      Please help me out with this distress.

      Puja Banerjee

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      Hello Puja,

      Vacation is not just about travelling but also trying out the local cuisine. this means consumption of calories and fats. Also during travelling, eating untimely and eating heavily, continuous munching on street foods and sleeping less are common mistakes we all make. These factors together disturb our digestive tract leading to bloating and flatulence.

      But don’t worry, this will go off once your body gets back to its normal routine. The following tips might help you:

      1. Try to have more warm fluids such as warm water, herbal or green tea, buttermilk, etc. Warm liquids aid in digestion.
      2. For few days avoid leafy vegetables (except mint and coriander), cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, thick dals (thin dal soup can be taken).
      3.Don’t starve yourself. Take all your meals. It would be advisable if you split your meals to 5-6 small meals.
      4. Take good rest and 7-8 hours of sound sleep.
      5. Avoid oily or deep-fried foods, refined flour products and alcohol. Try to avoid fermented food or drinks.
      6. Try to include cumin, carom, fennel and fenugreek in your diet. You can also have them in powdered form with warm water on empty stomach.

      I would recommend you to book the below detox diet package where a designated dietician would guide you.

      Detox Diet Plan(1 Week)

      Rupa Gupta
      Consultant nutritionist

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