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Hey folks! I am back with a very important yet ignored topic- OBESITY. 26th November is celebrated as WORLD ANTI-OBESITY DAY. Obesity is the most common problem affecting most of the population worldwide. Slimness is seen as a symbol of beauty in our culture and obesity is often discriminated and people who are overweight or obese have poor self-image as well as poor confidence. I get many clients who come just for weight loss so that they can get married or come for a quick fix to attend a function. People often don’t understand that obesity doesn’t happen in one night nor does it can disappear in one night. Obesity is far more serious health problem and can lead to other health problems as well....

Crash Diet

Crash Diet

Every girl’s dream is to eat but not gain weight. Isn’t it funny? These days boys too dream to lose weight. Thanks to the growing technology and our sedentary lifestyle, most people of different age groups and gender are being bitten by the obesity bug. This altogether affects not only their health but also their self-confidence. Then these people start looking for some quick fix to their weight issues.  And guess what, CRASH DIET comes as a saviour. You can find hundreds of crash diet tips online. They all claim to make you slimmer within few days. But do they give you tips how to maintain the lost weight? Please look for it and you will not find a single website who can assure you...