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Since the monsoons are still not over, there are number of diseases surrounding us. The most common being Typhoid. Let’s find out what is exactly typhoid. Typhoid is a type of bacterial infection caused by bacteria S.typhi or S. paratyphi. These are deposited on the water by the carrier and easily transferred to other humans through contaminated water and food. It can be treated but it can also be fatal if not treated on time. If we talk about the symptoms, high fever with headache, cold and cough, stomache with constipation or diarrhoea are common. If caught early it can be easily treated. However, if ignored or not treated on time, One out of five die in such cases. Prevention 1. Wash your hands thoroughly & frequently using...

Healthy Diet For Monsoon

  Now since the rains are here, a cup of ginger tea and a plate of onion fries are the best combination to enjoy rains at their fullest. But monsoon weather comes with easy susceptibility to infections. So during monsoons we need to take extra care to avoid getting infections. Eating fried pakodas and bhajias or drinking unlimited cups of tea won't increase our immunity but only help us to put on weight. To enjoy the monsoon you need to have Healthy Diet For Monsoon. Following are the simple rules to follow: Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming. Avoid cut fruits from outside stalls. They can be contaminated. Heat the refrigerated food thoroughly before consuming them. During monsoons, bacteria multiply rapidly and food if not heated...