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Impressive Health benefits of Daily bowl of Curd

1. Curd is a great natural probiotic that contains good and beneficial live bacteria. These bacteria are known to treat an upset stomach and comfort inflamed digestive system. 2. A daily bowl (250 gms) of curd contains 275mg of calcium that needed for optimal bone density and also strengthens bones to protect bones issues include osteoporosis and arthritis. 3. Curd is rich in many nutrients such as protein, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. But it has very low fat, and calories, thus, may also help keep your weight in check. 4. Presence of lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria in curd discourage the growth of yeast infections in the vagina and female urinary tract. That is the reason curd is extremely good for women. 5. Yogurt can be consumed by the people...

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds

1. Chia seeds have a huge amount of fibre and antioxidants with a very lower amount of calories which show better result in weight loss, protect from skin ageing, heart diseases, cancer and many other health issues. 2. Chia seeds are naturally gluten-free which promote a healthy digestive system, improve cholesterol levels and trigger your energy levels. 3. Chia seeds are rich in protein and calcium which helps to build and maintain your bones stronger, boosts heart muscles & nervous system functions. 4. Chia seeds have a bundle of omega 3 fatty acids which can fight depression & anxiety, improves eye health, reduce the chance of metabolic syndrome, etc. 5. Chia does not need cooking. It can be eaten with other food items or juice or in the soaked...