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Stay Healthy After Miscarriage

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Stay Healthy After Miscarriage

Pregnancy is a boon for any lady. Motherhood completes a woman though it’s completely one’s own choice to choose motherhood over her career and this decision shouldn’t be judged. Anyway, I am going to share my personal experience. I got my period after one week from my due date– and I bled for continuous 25 days. This bleeding led to severe weakness and occasional fits. Doctor checked for polyps and ectopic pregnancy. When the reports came negative she suggested it was a chemical pregnancy. Yes, CHEMICAL PREGNANCY is a type of miscarriage where the embryo doesn’t get implanted in the uterus. There are many other types of miscarriages which I will discuss later. Coming back to my story, I was very disheartened. But slowly I recovered and got busy with my life. After 4 months once again I missed my periods only to find two lines on the home pregnancy kit. Yes, it was positive and I was pregnant. This was the best gift god could have given on the eve of NEW YEAR. Both of us were so happy. The best part was when I heard my baby’s first heart beat.  This experience cannot be explained in words. Life had changed for me. I had become very careful watching my diet, physical activity and my sleep routine. My caring husband had become extra caring. The regular ultrasound scans were normal. We had started checking the names on internet. I resigned at my work. To me my baby was my first priority. Days were going smoothly. Suddenly one day in one moment everything was over. Ultrasound scan could not catch the baby’s heart beat and there was no growth. I had been carrying my dead baby for more than 10 days inside me without getting any hint of it. Doctor said I had MISSED MISCARRIAGE and advised me to go for abortion. I was disappointed but I am not disheartened. I have to take care of my health so that I can get back my child. So today, I am just going to give tips for those ladies who have lost their pregnancy. First and foremost, ladies this isn’t the end. We can start afresh. But before that we have to STAY HEALTHY AFTER MISCARRIAGE.

Let’s discuss what a miscarriage is and why do we get them? Miscarriage is a loss of pregnancy which usually occurs in the first trimester also known as early miscarriage but it can occur at any stage of pregnancy. Miscarriages are of different types such as:

CHEMICAL PREGNANCY- Implantation of fertilised embryo into the uterus fails.

ECTOPIC PREGNANCY- Implantation of the fertilised embryo occurs outside the uterus. It can be fatal if not treated immediately.

BLIGHTED OVUM- Uterus mistakes an oversized egg for a fertilised embryo.

MISSED MISCARRAIGE- Foetus stops growing with no cardiac activity but mother’s body doesn’t know about it.

SECOND TRIMESTER MISCARRIAGE- Loss of pregnancy after crossing fourth month.

PRETERM DELIVERY FROM CERVICAL INSUFFICIENCY- Due to medical problem in the mother or any complication, uterus cannot hold the baby till full term.

Whatever may be the case, losing pregnancy at any stage is painful both physically and emotionally. But to heal your physical status you need to be emotionally fit. Here are some tips which you can use to stay healthy after miscarriage –

EAT HEALTHY– Don’t stop eating healthy. Though you not carrying any more but your uterus needs to be strong and healthy. Also losing blood can make you weak. So eat plenty of fruits, green vegetables and dry fruits.


  1. DAIRY PRODUCTS- Consume lots of toned milk, curd, paneer, and different dairy products provide you with essential vitamins and minerals along with good quality proteins.
  2. EGGS AND FISH- These proteins will not only help you to make your uterus strong but also make you strong. These can help you stay healthy after miscarriage.
  3. Occasional consumption of red meat and chicken in limited quantity is also allowed.

DON’T SKIP ANY MEAL: Even if you don’t feel like eating, you have to eat in order to recover. Eat at frequent intervals as you were doing during your pregnancy.

DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS: Keep yourself hydrated so that the organs can function properly. Try to take warm milk and herbal drinks to soothe your physical as well as emotional pain. Avoid carbonated, sugary drinks, coffee and alcohol.

TAKE WARM BATH AT LEAST FOR TWO WEEKS. It will relax your muscle and help you cope up with the cramps in your abdomen.

EXERCISE:  Your doctor can advise you no exercise for few days or months depending on the time of your gestation period at the time of pregnancy loss. After your bleeding has stopped and you are ready to carry your regular routine, consult your doctor. If you are allowed you can start going for small walks. Walking in the open will help you heal faster both physically and emotionally. This will help you stay healthy after miscarriage.


GO FOR REGULAR CHECK UPS to see if you uterus has come back to normal.

MEDITATION: If you are still not in the position to go for walks or still on bed rest, start meditation. Meditating will improve your blood circulation in your brain and emotionally you will get stronger.

SEEK COUNSELLING IF NEEDED: Believe me counselling will help you a lot to forget your pain. Our society might take it wrong but talking to someone you don’t know helps you to become emotionally stronger. If you are not comfortable going to a counselor, talk to your doctor or a close friend. Don’t be alone. This can lead to depression. Talking will help you recover emotionally. Once you have recovered emotionally, you can recover physically very fast.

REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Miscarriages are common. Though your pain is beyond comparison but if you stay healthy after miscarriage, you can conceive soon.

CRY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Don’t judge your feelings. Crying cannot give you back what you lost but you will feel light emotionally.

AVOID SEXUAL ACTIVITY: You must be desperate to conceive again. But listen to your body first.  Your uterus and vagina needs rest. So unless your doctor has allowed you, do not get involved. Its better late than never.

AVOID ANY ADDICTION: To cope up with the pain, many of us get into any type of addiction. But addiction only adds to the pain. Drinking, smoking, drugs, etc. will never help you recover both emotionally and physically. You need to avoid all of them to stay healthy after miscarriage.

INDULGE into anything you like doing. Follow any of your hobby, listen to music, go for shopping, anything. This will divert your mind and help you recover faster.

GET SUFFICIENT SLEEP: Sleeping is very important. Sleeplessness will not help you and your uterus to heal. Try every method to induce sleep such darkening your room, having warm milk before sleep, listening to soft music, avoiding usage of gadgets on bed, taking a hot water bath before going to bed, etc.

Above are few tips which I have been following to stay healthy after miscarriage. I am still sad but I know with time I will recover. So ladies cheer up. This isn’t the end. Keep hope and be optimistic. Let the baby dust fall on you all.


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