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Remain healthy this Ramadan

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Remain healthy this Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is here and I am sure everyone is as excited as I am as this is the only month when we get to relish on the finger licking authentic Haleem. But the hardest fact is fasting for the whole day for one whole month especially when the temperatures are soaring high. So, all my Muslim friends lets discuss how to remain healthy this Ramadan.

What to eat before the Fast to remain healthy this Ramadan?

  1. Start with a glass of warm water. This will help you with digestion and also help you to flush out toxins from your body.
  2. You can also keep a jug of detox water one night before for added health benefits. You sip on it till u start your fasting. Detox water* will keep you to be hydrated and also help you get rid of toxins.
  3. Start your meal with 2 dates and a handful of nuts. These are packed with nutrients.
  4. You can eat your regular food such as rice, roti, curries, fish/ chicken/ egg, etc. But make sure you do not overeat. Include lots of green salad in your meal. Include curd and avoid salty or fried items.
  5. Avoid tea/ coffee. These are diuretics and can make you dehydrated during the day. But still if you are a tea/ coffee person, have a small cup but add stevia instead of sugar. Try to take after half an hour of your meal.

What to eat after the Fast to remain healthy this Ramadan?

  1. Start your meal with 2 dates and a bowl of mixed fruit salad.
  2. Instead of fruit juice or carbonated beverage, drink detox fruit water*. This water will give the required nutrients and is yummy as well.
  3. Avoid fried food. Instead munch on dry fruits, smoothies*, frozen yoghurts, salads.
  4. For your dinner have your regular meal. Just add lots of salads and proteins while reducing carbs and fats. Such as 1 bowl rice or 2 rotis with a bowl of fish or chicken curry, a plate of salad with egg white/ paneer/ tofu and a bowl of vegetable raita.
  5. Make sure to keep a gap of 2 hours between dinner and bed time. Sip a glass of warm milk before sleeping. Tryptophan in milk induces sleep. Good sleep is equally important for good health.

Important points to be kept in mind to remain healthy this Ramadan:

  1. Avoid deep fried, salty and processed food. They will make you dehydrated and also make you gain weight.
  2. Do not skip your exercise routine. But make sure to exercise during evenings and not during day to avoid any weakness or dehydration.
  3. Include home made curd and yoghurt instead of outside ones. Use double toned milk instead of full cream milk to prepare curd.
  4. Avoid red meat. Use lean meats of chicken instead. You can eat fish and eggs.
  5. Include all types of fruits in your fruit salad. Do not forget to add the seasonal berries.
  6. You can relish biryanis but make sure it is not loaded with fats. So it is always better to eat homemade chicken biryani with very little oil.
  7. Use stevia to sweeten your desserts.
  8. Use whole wheat or multigrain instead of maida.
  9. Enjoy a plate of Haleem but make sure it should be once a week only. Haleem is made with generous amount of ghee. If you are strictly following a healthy diet throughout the week, one plate of Haleem can be your reward. Do not overeat if you do not want your weight to get affected.


  1. Detox water- Add lemon slices, mint leaves, ginger and cold water.
  2. Fruit detox water- Add lemon slices, fruit slices of your choice, mint leaves and cold water.
  3. Smoothie- Add fruit of your choice, curd/ yoghurt, stevia/ honey in a blending jar.

Ramadan is a month of sacrifice and self-control. I hope these small points can help to remain healthy this Ramadan. You can enjoy this fast and yet lose weight. HAPPY RAMADAN to everyone.


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