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Green Tea vs Green Coffee

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Green Tea vs Green Coffee

Green Tea vs Green Coffee

How many of you have been consuming green tea? How many of you know about green coffee?
Let us talk about green tea first.
Green tea is made from stem, leaves, & bud of the tea plants. It is not the fermented one like many other teas. Instead, it is made by steaming leaves at high temperature. It is most often taken as a beverage but off late it is also available in the form of a supplement. You can drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea per day. Green tea is packed with antioxidants named polyphenol which prevents swelling in the body. It also has many other health benefits.
What does green tea do? –
• 2-4% caffeine is present in green tea which boosts body metabolism and stimulates the nervous system. It also raises muscle activity by releasing neurotransmitter.
• The richness of antioxidant of green tea breaks down body fat and provides energy.
• Green tea helps to regulate the blood pressure level.
• It improves mental clarity & attentiveness.
• Recent studies on green tea show better results in preventing diabetes, heart diseases, leukaemia, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Now let’s move to green coffee.
Green coffee refers to coffee seeds or beans of Coffee fruits that have not been roasted yet. People may consume it in the form of a drinking beverage or as a supplement made by the extract of green coffee beans (seeds). You can drink 2 to 3 cups of green coffee per day. Roasted coffee beans lose chlorogenic acid that helps in maintaining normal blood sugar & blood pressure level. Non-roasted coffee beans aid to trigger body metabolism & burn fat fast than the roasted one.

What does green coffee do? –

• Presence of high amount of chemical chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect weight loss and it has a very good impact on handling blood sugar levels.
• It helps in releasing fatty acids which are then absorbed in the blood to improve body functions.
• It helps to maintain normal blood pressure level.
• Chlorogenic acid in green coffee stimulates the absorption of fat in the liver.
• It boosts body metabolism through its chlorogenic acid property in it.
• Green coffee helps in fast lipolysis.

Which one is best in weight loss: green tea or green coffee? –
The fact is, there is no magic medicine or super supplement that can help to lose weight. Rather a regular workout routine with an appropriate diet plan for an individual will work. However, few healthy foods and beverages options may trigger body metabolism and value weight loss effort. Green tea and green coffee are one of them.
Green tea is already quite famous in weight loss diet plan for its antioxidant and inflammatory properties. Green coffee is also capturing limelight in weight loss world from 2012, when Dr. Oz told that green coffee beans burn fat fast. He also claimed that no diet plan and exercises needed if someone is having green coffee every day (collected information).
Green tea and green coffee, they both have some of the other exceptional health benefits which include –
• Protection against heart diseases
• Prevents skin ageing
• Increases body metabolism
• Regulates blood sugar levels
If it is about weight loss, recent research on green coffee shown the more effective result in losing weight than green tea. But green tea has more evidence on other health benefits than green coffee.

But this does not mean we can have them in any quantity. Green tea and green coffee both have few side effects of these overdosages. Few are named below–
• lack of sleep
• anxiety disorder
• anaemia
• convulsion
• headache

So, include a cup of green tea or green coffee to your regular healthy diet and enhance your overall health along with weight loss. Also do not forget to exercise.


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