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Burn Calories This Diwali

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burn calories this diwali

Burn Calories This Diwali

Hello folks! As the year is approaching towards the end, festivals are endless. As Diwali or Deepawali as we would call this festival of lights knocking on the doors, I am sure everyone is busy with the cleaning, shopping and what not. This festival plays an important role in the history of India as it is celebrated as a symbol of victory of good over bad. Whole nation is lit with lights, crackers are burst and many Indian sweets as well as savouries are prepared in almost every household of the country. Obviously no festival is complete without sweets and other such delicacies. But have we ever thought how is this going to affect us??

The best answer to this might be “ We will eat only one day Or This festival comes only once a year Or little sweet will not affect our health “ . Being a nutritionist, I myself feel this is not right but still I would love to indulge as this would be just for one day.

So what can we do to satisfy our sweet tooth, celebrate the festive mood and yet not hamper our health? Let’s discuss in detail as to how can we enjoy and still burn calories this Diwali-

  1. Detox- As Diwali is around the corner and we are busy with cleaning and shopping, why not detox ourselves. Consume more raw fruits, vegetables and their juices (do not strain to add fibre to your gut). These will be low in calories and also remove toxins from your body. They are easy to make and easy to consume. So no consumption of extra calories and lots of hard work will help you easily to burn calories this diwali.
  2. Remain Hydrated- Water is the greatest blessing of nature which has zero calories and great for your system. Also water is needed by the cells to carry out their functions. Hence carry your own bottle, sip, do your daily chores and burn calories this Diwali.
  3. Do not skip meals- Busy in work or shopping and no time for food. A big no no. Not skipping any meal and Eating at right intervals are equally very important. If you cannot carry homemade food or do not want to indulge in outside food, please grab a fruit or sip on a tender coconut water. Then reach home and eat. Or even better eat and start your work. Later munch on a handful of nuts or a whole fruit.
  4. Think differently- Instead of gifting sweets or chocolates to your friends or relatives, decorate different fruits or assorted nuts in a beautiful way. You can make dry fruit sweets using jiggery or stevia and gift instead of outside sweets. Think differently, give healthy gifts and motivate others to do the same.
  5. Make healthy choices- Home made foods are always healthier. So cook at home. If you are invited for Diwali party or dinner, choose your food wisely. “Saying No” could be rude but selecting food wisely in correct proportions won’t harm either. If you are cooking at home try to bake instead of frying. So no consumption of too much calories and wise diet will help you burn calories this diwali.
  6. Avoid late night parties- Playing cards or chatting till late is acceptable during this festival but having adequate sleep is equally important. So keep a time limit and try to excuse as soon as your alarm ticks. Take good sleep but do not wake up very late. Biological clock should never be disturbed. Adequate sleep will rejuvenate the system and help to burn calories this diwali.
  7. Do not skip physical activity- No matter what you should never skip your exercise. As said earlier biological system should never be disturbed. Also regular exercise boosts up your energy and maintains to keep up with the extra calories consumed a night before. This is an easy way to burn calories this diwali.

There are many excuses you can make this Diwali but only one reason to stay healthy which is GIFT A HEALTHY YOU TO YOUR FAMILY. Also enjoy a pollution free Diwali by burning no crackers. Instead burn calories this Diwali to get a healthy you.


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